Breeding English Setters from the Ryman Old Hemlock and Pinecoble Lines
Belton Type Setters bred for Home Hunting Temperament & Beauty


Our Dogs want to be your family's best friend at home and a Dog you can brag about in the field.


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Setterhills Red Rex

Rex is a very happy young male who loves to hunt and be your companion. Born June 2006 from a breeding between Heartland Hills Hunter and Centurionís Nina (A Pinecoble female). Rex got his first two wild Pheasants last fall (2007) and is demonstrating good skills in the field for a young dog. Rex is the Grandson of our Brooklyn & Cain.


Books With Birch - Birch will sit patiently while children sit as close as they want and practice reading. Birch also is a certified therapy dog and he and his owner, Samantha visit hospitals, nursing homes and hospice two weekends a month.

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